George Orwell, Meet Howie Mandel

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I’m all in favor of treating our fighting men and women with respect, and while I’m all for bringing them home, I fear what they may face when they return. I’m not talking about a shower of homefront hippie spit like in Vietnam, sadly I’m talking about network television producers that will see ratings gold in the exploitation of their harrowing stories. Even the criminal who needlessly put them in harm’s way will seek to drink of their patriotic blood to boost his own sinking ratings. And while he devours your still beating patriotic heart, he’ll talk with his mouth full to read a scripted joke about the the future America can’t afford anymore. Without further ado, here’s George Bush on “Deal or No Deal”.


An Edible Flashlight!

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Stem cell scientists in Taiwan have finally bred transgenic glow-in-the-dark pigs! It’s about damn time. What future camping trip will be complete without a lantern you can fry up in the pan. For full story, click here.

Does this bus stop at 1600 Penna Ave?

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Since all I do is surf blogs on Obama all day, I think it’s appropriate that my inaugural post to The Four Horsemen combines Obamania and Brucemania. –gp

We’ve been duped.

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Did you all see this one? Military analysts being spoon-fed scoop by Cheney and company. Read all about it by clicking here.




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Someday Mr. BigThink will have to impart his bloggy wisdom to us all. I couldn’t manage to post the video proper, a la Tom’s posts with the Gondry video and the helicopter and the dog. (Dudes, just how friggin’ dangerous is that helicopter???). 

But more importantly, many thanks to getting this going Tom. Just what I needed, something new to keep me from the academic efforts. 

And now, onto the Baconian empirical drive to discern the most minute signs and indices of impending apocalypse…. We’re not talking about the usual and obvious signs, e.g., $3.50 gas, trillions of dollars in nat’l debt, Hillary’s upswing, real estate collapses, hyper inflation, the Iraq debacle, Iran going nuke. We’re looking for alligators with shrunken penises, babies in India with two faces, and scientists melding the genes of humans with the genes of bovines. You know. That sort of shit. No big deal. Peace. –gp

Finally! A Personal Helicopter

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Jet packs can’t be too far off.  I feel like “Fan Man” deserves an assist on this invention.

LA to NYC in 4 Minutes!

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A time lapse video of a drive from L.A. to New York. By Michel and Oliver Gondry, for French pop star Laquer.